terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2005

I want...

I want to read about life,
Write about life,
But don’t want to stop living the life!

I want to reach many,
Know many, love many,
But never at the expense of the “deep few”!

I want to do a lot,
Accomplish great things,
But never stop doing things whole heartily –
Giving my all into each thing and caring for the little important ones!

I want to think, I want to meditate,
To contemplate, to analyze,
But I also want to be spontaneous,
Live surprised, act irrationally, do things in the spur of the moment.

I want to enjoy life,
To be content, satisfied,
But always want to know there is something more,
There is something else I must strive for and yearn for.

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Kiki disse...
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kiki disse...

Mto bom isso... vc tem uma facilidade de expor em palavras o q tá sentindo, é muuuito bacana.

Sometimes I'm not sure if I really know what I want...

Doveseyes disse...

I want:


Lembra? Stavesacre no último volume, neve caindo e a gente no carro indo para Kansas City!!!

nanneli7 disse...

Faço das palavras da Kiki as minhas tb: "Sometimes I'm not sure if I really know what I want..."
I mean... Somethings I want it for sure and they aren't negotiable. But I want a whole bunch of other things and they make me wonder if I really know what I want.

I want:
not to be confused