terça-feira, 2 de maio de 2006


I want to live desperately
Desperate for freedom
Desperate for holiness
Desperate for more of you
Desperate for the end of me!

I am sick of a cheap grace
That leaves me the way I am
That changes not my sinful ways
That takes out fear and conviction
And makes holiness look like a fiction

I am tired of a cheap love
That shows not the fruits of grace
That is not yearning to relate
That is not making me a mirror
Of the one my love is aimed to

Grace is not striving to do better
It is striving to be closer to the Best!
Grace is not giving up on being holy
It is giving up on doing it alone!
Grace is not something you know
It is something you experience!
Grace is not being content w/ where you are
It is giving up on trying to changing it!
But loving Him each day
Without ever holding back
Knowing the greatest treasure costs the World
But it´s also worth the World!

To experience grace
There needs to be passion
Without passion
There is no grace!

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Doveseyes disse...

Gostei do poema! Parece poema da vovó! Foi vc que escreveu??? Lindo!