quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2005


I really admire people who in pain can still concentrate, focus on God, be closer to Him, and shine His glory. As for me, when I'm in pain, I get the most carnal, irritable, weak and all that kind of "nice" stuff!

I can only admire them, because I can hardly endure myself during days of pain.

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ana e o mar disse...

I know what you mean. Depending on the pain, I get by okay, but if it's constant, like a toothache, I tend to get really irritated. If it's a headache, I kind of "play dead", I don't speak, I don't move, and I just need to sleep, otherwise I look like an alien, I get really green and weird...


ana e o mar disse...

but are you in pain?! =S