terça-feira, 14 de março de 2006


Depois de uma visita a meu avô, muita conversa e muito pensar...
Algumas reflexões sobre o fim!
Para aqueles que não lêem inglês, desculpa... tem coisas que só sai assim! :)

When He finally appears
In His great glory and might
There will be nothing we can ride
He will look deep down our pride

When He comes at end
To marry His beloved friend
There will be no way to pretend
All our masks will come to an end

Then we will see
Then all will see
What lies in our hearts
And what we are truly made of

Then all will see
Then we will see
Who we really are
And who we´ve always pretended to be

May that day catch us not unprepared
May it not be a bad surprise
May we see now what has been beared
May we start now becoming wise

But how can we get ready?
If we are so easily deceived
We don´t know ourselves
And our hearts are so tricky?

Lord, search us now
Expose us now
May we know the truth
While there´s still time
Convince us now
Deal with us now
So we find our hearts
So purified
As white as snow
As pure as gold
In that great day
When you finally come!

Um comentário:

Doveseyes disse...

WOW... I can't even imagine that day... It will be the most awesomest day ever. :)

But seriously, can you imagine being with HIM forever and ever????